Natural earth extracts detox you easily - while you sleep!

by Kaye Bewley

Just imagine having a decent night's sleep without having to fathom out what you have to eat and - what toxins to avoid - in order to get it. Here, we'll explore just the product that may help you do exactly that - and more besides!

Many people are aware that our bones, muscles, joints, blood and the sticky membranes that keep it all together, need nutrients and minerals to sustain their very being. And we all know that our planet requires particular atmospheric conditions to keep it in perpetual balance. While examining these facts, it becomes clear that our earth and our bodies have at their core, one common denominator: the energy they need to produce to keep it in tip-top condition. Strange then, that it is only when that fragile energy producer fails (i.e. poisons in our food and drink or toxins in our atmosphere), that urgent attention is sought to ease the situation.

Generally, most are more knowledgeable now than say, fifty years ago, about what can be done by the individual to prevent `rather than fix' an ailment occurring. Eliminating toxins has become the prime subject on everybody's lips. Toxins are inevitably invited into our bodies and can systematically pulverise the most perfect of all creations. These odd sounding substances have received a huge amount of press in recent months, but does anyone truly know what they are, where they originate or how they get into our bodies? Spare yourself a few minutes by answering the following questions. From them you may be able discover if your body is suffering from a toxic overload

  1. Are you tired for no apparent reason?
  2. Are you more immobile than you used to be?
  3. Are you irritable without good reason?
  4. Are you unexcited about special occasions?
  5. Is tea, coffee and sugar a constant in your diet?
  6. Does your life feel pointless?
  7. Does your head feel light or dizzy on occasions?
  8. Does the thought of learning new things trouble you?
  9. Do you express anxiety over the smallest of events?
  10. Do you have a new sofa/chair?
  11. Do you have your clothes dry cleaned regularly?
  12. Do you use a spray air-freshener?
  13. Do you swim in a pool with strong chlorine?
  14. Do you use your mobile telephone often?
  15. Do you have central heating?
  16. Do you drink alcohol regularly?
  17. Do you smoke?
  18. Do you eat mostly convenience or packaged foods?
  19. Do you have mostly white bread or buns in your larder?
  20. Do you lounge around instead of going out for a brisk walk occasionally?
  21. Do you live near a farmer's field that is sprayed with pesticides?
  22. Do you use fertilisers on your garden?
  23. Do you use bleach, detergent, household cleaners and disinfectants?
  24. Do you live near an overhead power cable?
  25. Do you cook with the microwave?
  26. Do you work on a computer most days?
  27. Do you use florescent light at any time during the day?
  28. Do you drink tap water?

All of these situations invite unnatural substances into your body - which inevitably lead you to experience toxic overload. From the list of questions, if you answered only eight with a yes‚ inevitably your body will be suffering.

At one time or another many scientists have observed a consistent pattern emerging when the body is bombarded by food, energy or chemicals that are not natural. Remember, saying yes to only eight of the questions above means your body will become clogged up and will find the ability to fight off any ailments, greatly reduced. Added to all these alien substances, you must admit we have gotten into a relatively fast pace of life - compared to, say, in 1905.

So, how do you get out of this toxic cycle? How can you eliminate harmful substances from your blood? In effect, what can you do to de- tox? Well, Carol Vordaman is a good advocate for detoxing substances with her special diet plan while another good option is in undertaking `The Good Life'! People residing in the UK (and those who have access to satellite TV), will probably be aware of the old 70‚s comedy where two affable folk give up their hectic lives to free them from the `rat race' and grow their own. What this generally means is going right back to the natural basics. Not literally tilling the earth with the Oxen and plough, on the contrary! You don't have to grow your own to get the good stuff inside you. However, by making a positive decision in this area you will need to be meticulously aware of the products you're putting in your shopping basket. For instance, in order to help your body de-tox itself, you'll need to:-

  • go for natural every time - that even means buying locally grown foods, rather than packaged items that are from far flung places you've never heard of and also eating your fruit and veg in season
  • train yourself to eat as many raw, rather than cooked, veggies as you can get inside you - after all cavemen didn't have cookers and we still don't know how long they lived
  • drink fresh, natural juices and eliminate the sweetened or condensed kind that line the supermarket shelves in their hundreds
  • go organic
  • and finally, drink bottled water will be preferable to taking the tap - tap water has an immense list of additives put into it in order to purify and clean it, as it needs to make its way through an endless maze of lead, plastic and copper pipes hundreds of feet below us, not to mention the fact that it's been recycled several times! Incidentally, the Thames water in London goes through at least seven people before it gets to you!

But doesn't this all this seem like a lot of trouble to go through? Aren't you creating more stress for yourself while wondering what's good and what's bad? None of us wants to give up our central heating, fluorescent lighting nor a comfy new sofa - we shouldn't have to if they make our stressful lives a little less so. However, as with all good things in this modern world of ours, there is another way. It's a way that couldn't be simpler if you tried to hunt it down in caveman-like fashion yourself.

You can de-tox your body by investing in some Eastern complementary therapy pads that you simply stick on your feet.

At night, while you sleep, these pads do all the hard work by drawing out the harmful substances. By the way, those marvellous reflexologists have known for years that different parts of the feet relate to different organs in the body. With the pads on your feet you'll be sucking out the toxins from those specific organs without you even having to try - and you'll even get a refreshing reflexology treatment at the same time! This wonderful little product, created by two Japanese scientists, contains a neat little bag mixed full of natural extracts derived from our dear old mother earth, namely; Bamboo and Wood Vinegar, Ground Crystal Tourmaline, Agaricus Mushroom to mention a few. Marvellous creation when you think about it. As are our bodies!

So, this is by far an easier way to help your body cope - and with these pads you can prepare it for battle against the onslaught of chemicals and fungicides that are continuously being flung at it through the atmosphere you're breathing every day - not to mention the food you're eating. All while you're indulging in a peaceful dreamland and that's another beneficial side-effect as they do tend to offer a restful night's sleep as well.

According to the scientists (researchers in alternative energy and healing), these natural earth extracts placed on your feet make a tremendous difference in eliminating those aches and pains, stiffness, soreness and general lethargy. And you can boost your own metabolism through using them.

With this in mind we find that the science of body and earth research has well and truly merged! Besides, while individuals are merely offering themselves as another daunting statistic on the NHS waiting list, what is there to lose by trying them? You can check them out for yourself at under the link: Detox with E-Tox!



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