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Reiki and Life

by Sheree Rainbolt-Kren

I have been inspired to write this as a result of an interesting discussion on my online Reiki Forum. It may resonate with you, or it may further solidify your own belief system about Reiki. In either case, it's useful to think about these things. This writing is for those who experience periodic confusion with Reiki, at any point along the way. Perhaps you have lost confidence in your abilitites, or question your role as a practitioner in some way.

People come to the way of Reiki from different backgrounds and cultures, from all over the world. It's a beautiful thing. I have investigated many belief systems that relate to what I am and why I am here. Reiki has answered many of those questions, just be the mere practice of it. I am a student of various thought systems and do not hold myself chained to any one of them. If it resonates with my heart and mind, I'm good. If it's confusing, or feels off in some way, I simply file it,or discard it.

The minute you decide that you are not Reiki, is the minute you lose awareness of what you are. Your mind believes what you tell it. Think of the possibilities! The second you believe that Reiki; your life force, is not managed by you (Your Highest Self - equaling God/Source) , is the second you decide to lose your inherent power. You are in charge of your Reiki, because, YOU are it's Source and substance (in truth). Everything in the Universe is interconnected. We are all One. If you believe this to be true, then you understand that Reiki is the same Universal Life force that keeps you breathing and keeps the planets revolving around the sun. This Life Force knows no boundaries, therefore you cannot be apart from it. You were included from the beginning. So was I.

You can easily decide not to be ruled or influenced by exterior circumstances, justifications and excuses for why your Reiki isn't performing the way you think it should be performing. First of all, look at all the information you are taking in from all sides, each day. How do you sort it all out? It is exhausting and offers further confusion. Just when you thought you had the explanation for things you cannot really know and understand, another little ditty rears it's frightful head to scare you into powerlessness. We are constantly chasing the tail between our legs, because we will not allow ourselves to let go and know that All is always well. There are many good Masters with great knowledge to share. Some will impart great wisdom, and some of that will be helpful. Ultimately, the best Reiki Master for you is you. All you must do is tune into her/him. If you take a moment to breathe, relax yourself, and ask the Voice within, you will be guided. You may not get a definitive, "Well, ya know Merna, the reason that occurred is because your sacral chakra is weak and the altoids are making it worse. That's why there's no heat in your hands." What you are likely to get first is emotional relief. Then, as the fog clears, you will get a feeling; a knowing about what to do next.

Prayer and trust that your prayer is answered is often all you need to get over any hump. You will get your answer, to the degree that you allow it to come forth. It may not come right away, but it will come. In the meantime, refuse to be disconnected. Be Love. If you become impatient, you risk ignoring the help offered to you.

You control everything that happens to you because you control the choices you make. There is nothing happening to you that you cannot manipulate to a vibe of Love. All you have to do is see everything as a blessing because you are deeply loved and cared for by a magnificent Universe. This one single thought form is the ointment for true vision. The only remedy for off-centeredness. Quiet. Knowing. Love.

The safer journey; meaning the one that is less painful, lies in the choices you make. Decide you are powerful and powerful you will be. Decide that you are stupid squishy ball to be bantered about by the happenstance of a Chaotic Universe and you will be that and less. You get to choose. You will choose with each interaction you have today with every living thing. The more you choose Love and Trust, the more Power you will invite into your awareness. Power is not a bad or scary word. It is the most humble, truthful word I know, for in that one word lies your life experience right now. Right now is creating your entire being, over and over again.

Just ask yourself this one question when deciding what to absorb into your body, mind and spirit:

Will it kill me if I assume the very best of this situation?
Will it kill me if I choose to be the Master and Commander of my joyful and fearless creative life experience?
Will it kill me to deny all obstacles and see only open road?
Will it kill me to believe I have nothing to worry about and All is well?

If the answer is no, then why in the Garden of Perfection wouldn't you pick it? I understand that an elevated view of life feels dangerous to some, but it is the truth of what you are. Ask these questions, then make your decisions about how you are going to proceed on ANYTHING.

Love, Sheree


About The Author: Ms. Rainbolt-Kren is a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and owns a large online Reiki forum focused on Reiki and use of the Pendulum as a healing and spiritual guidance tool.

Please email her for a free manual and details. [email protected]



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