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What is Sound Therapy?

by Kathryn Hall

Sound therapy is a holistic therapy system that combines modern scientific and ancient esoteric knowledge and experience, to provide a treatment that uses pure tones and overtones through voice and instruments to encourage healing on all levels.

It is based on the understanding that the material world we can see and measure, from planet to atom, is made up of energy vibrating at different rates.

From each vibrating atom emanates a sound, and so each collection of atoms making up an object, also has a sound, one specific to its substance.

Most frequencies are above or below our hearing range and therefore, we remain unaware of the symphonic song of the universe at the macro and microscopic level. A good job really or we would be totally over stimulated by sound!

So it follows, that each cell in our bodies; bone, muscle, organ and gland is vibrating at its own rate, with its own individual sound. Collectively, just like an orchestra, all cells resonate together in harmony, producing our own distinctive “sonic fingerprint”.

When our bodies manifest dis-ease and discomfort, whether physically, mentally or emotionally, it is a matter of some part of us, literally playing “out of tune”.

The aim of Sound Therapy therefore, is to simply help to re-tune the body back to its natural harmonious state.

But beneath the atomic world lies the mysterious quantum level, the only place where the views of science, alchemy and magic meet. Facts are no longer written in black and white and it is within this grey area, that Sound Therapy does much of its work.

The body is made up of over 70% water, which is a great conductor of sound. So when sound enters the energy field of an individual, the soundwave enters the ear, reaches the brain and travels down to the cellular level of the body and beyond...

Sound Therapy works with the principal of sympathetic resonance, which is what happens when a tuning fork is struck and another, in close proximity will begin sounding sympathetically.

Sound can have both a constructive and destructive effect. For example, the brain shaking sounds of a pneumatic drill, or the soothing and relaxing sounds found in nature.

By playing pure, clear tones of specific frequencies, the body takes the prompt and is able to use it to re-establish its own natural resonant frequency.

The tones played, slow the brain waves down to around 8Hz, which is the earth’s own natural resonance. This allows the body to enter what is known as the optimum healing state, where cell rejuvenation occurs.

The practitioner scans the body with a bell or chime to detect areas of weak, overactive or stagnant energy. From this purely energetic diagnosis, the practitioner is able to decide on the most suitable course of treatment.

The treatment involves the use of Himalayan and crystal quartz singing bowls, vocal toning, overtoning and percussion.

Based on the ancient Sanskrit chakra system, different bowls are tuned to the different chakras, as each has a specific frequency or note and also a corresponding vowel sound.

The chakras are the body’s energy centres, which are the interface between our inside and outside worlds.

Their positions correspond to the seven endocrine glands governing our hormonal system and the major nerve plexuses. These two systems are totally interlinked with each other, as well as to the subtle energy system of the body.

There are many things in life that can cause energetic imbalances within the body; these can be physical injuries, toxins in the food we eat, anxiety, environmental stressors such as pollution, or emotional problems caused by relationships.
Sound Therapy can be complementary to more orthodox medical practices.

How can Sound Therapy help me?

It is essentially a tool for enabling individuals to begin to fully realise their responsibility for their own lives and health.

Sound Therapy is a powerful way of addressing physical disorders, such as pain, cysts, structural and systemic disorders, yet also helps to open the mind to a greater awareness of the root causes of disease and pain. 

Matters of the mind greatly affect our physical bodies and therefore, attitudes which may hold us back from reaching our fullest potential may be detrimental to our health.

By working on the mental, emotional and also spiritual levels, dense negative energy restrictions are released, potentially resulting in subtle shifts in patterns of thought, beliefs and habits, that are ultimately for the highest good of the client.

Sound Therapy is particularly useful in the treatment of anxiety & depression, confidence & communication difficulties, fears & phobias, blocks in creative expression and above all, establishing a sense of balance & calm.

The client may sometimes be given techniques for personal use between treatments, to help consolidate the process.


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