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Description. This has a large root, thick at the head, and divided into many branches, of a dark brown on the outside, and a deep yellow colour within, of a bitterish taste. From this root arise several large, somewhat crumpled, green leaves; roundish, but pointed at the end, of a sourish taste, growing on reddish footstalks: from among these arises a thick stalk three or four feet high, having small leaves, and a numerous company of white staminous six-leaved flowers, succeeded by large, shining, triangular brown seed. The root of this plant, if carefully dried, pretty much resembles the finest Turkish rhubarb, especially the heads, having the same reddish veins, that it may deceive those who are not very well acquainted with the difference; and this is what ought to be used in the shops, as being the true raphontic; what the drugsters used formerly to sell for it, being the root of the rhaphonticum folio helenii incano, C. B. which is a species of the great centaury, and of far less virtue than this.

Place. It is a native of Scythia, but grows well in our gardens.

Time. It flowers in the middle of summer.

Government and virtues. It is under the dominion of Mars. Raphontic, as to its purgative quality, is much weaker than rhubarb; but is accounted more restringent, and good in fluxes, and weakness of the stomach, spitting of blood, and making bloody urine. It is likewise good against the bites of venomous creatures. It is an ingredient in the theriaca and romachi.

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