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Name. In treating of this tree, you must understand that I mean the green mast beech, which is by way of distinction from that other small rough sort, called in Sussex the smaller beech, but in Essex horn-beam.

I suppose it is needless to describe it, being already too well known to my countrymen.

Place. It groweth in woods amongst oaks and other trees, and in parks, forests, and chases, to feed dear; and in other places to fatten swine.

Time. It bloometh in the end of April, or beginning of May, for the most part, and the fruit is ripe in September.

Government and virtues. It is a plant of Saturn, and therefore performs his qualities and proportion in these operations. The leaves of the beech-tree are cooling and binding, and therefore good to be applied to hot swellings to discuss them; the nuts do much nourish such beasts as feed thereon. The water that is found in the hollow places of decaying beeches will cure both man and beast of any scurf, scab, or running tetters, if they be washed therewith; you may boil the leaves into a poultice, or make an ointment of them when time of year serves.

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