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Description. This small herb, from a root somewhat sweet, shooting downwards many long strings, riseth up a round green stalk, bare or naked next the ground for an inch, two or three to the middle thereof as it is in age or growth: as also from the middle upward to the flowers, having only two broad plaintain-like leaves (but whiter) set at the middle of the stalk one against another, compasseth it round at the bottom of them.

Place. It is an usual inhabitant in woods, copses, and in many other places in this land.

There is another sort groweth in wet grounds and marshes, which is somewhat different from the former. It is a smaller plant, and greener, having sometimes three leaves; the spike of the flowers is less than the former, and the roots of this do run or creep in the ground.

They are much and often used by many to good purpose for wounds, both green and old, to consolidate or knit ruptures; and well it may, being a plant of Saturn.

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