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Name. It is also called with-wind.

Description. Black bind-weed hath smooth red branches, very small, like threads, wherewith it wrappeth and windeth itself about trees, hedges, stakes, and every thing it can lay hold upon; the leaves are like ivy, but smaller and more tender; the flowers are white and very small; the seed is black, triangular or three-square, growing thick together; every seed is closed and covered with a thin skin; the root is small and tender as thread.

Place. It groweth in borders of fields and gardens, about hedges and ditches, and amongst herbs.

Time. It delivereth its seed in August and September, and afterwards perisheth.

Government and virtues. Bind-weed is a plant of Mercury, of a hot nature, and of subtil parts, having power to dissolve; the juice of the leaves, being drunk, do loosen and open the belly, and being pounded, and laid to the grieved place, dissolveth wasteth and consumeth hard swellings.

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