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Description. It hath long leaves deeply cut and jagged on both sides, not much unlike wild mustard; the stalks are small, very limber though very tough: you may twist them round as you may a willow before they break. The flowers are very small and yellow, after which come small pods which contain the seed.

Place. It is a common herb, grows usually by the way-sides, and sometimes upon mud walls about London, but it delights most to grow among stones and rubbish.

Time. It flowers in June and July, and the seed is ripe in August and September.

Government and virtues. It is under the dominion of Mars, and is of a hot and biting nature: the truth is, the seed of black cresses strengthens the brian exceedingly, for in performing that office, it is little inferior to mustard-seed, if at all; they are excellently good to stay those rheums which may fall down from the head upon the lungs. You may beat the seed into powder if you please, and make it up into an electuary with honey, so have you an excellent remedy by you, not only for the premises, but also for the cough, yellow jaundice and sciatica. The herb boiled into a poultice, is an excellent remedy for inflammations both in women's breasts and men's testicles.


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