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Description. This poppy does not grow so tall as the white, but in other respects is much like it. The chief difference is in the flower, which in this is of a purple colour, with a black bottom; and in the heads, which never grow nigh the bigness of the white, and contain black seed. The roots both of this and that are sticky, and perish when the seed is ripe.

Place. It is sown in gardens.

Time. It flowers in June and July.

Government and virtues. The heads are now rarely used, being left alone for the other. The flowers are however of a gentle sudorific nature, and are peculiarly good in pleurisies, quinsies, and all disorders of the breast. A strong tincture may be drawn from them with wine, and this is much better than the syrup, for that is too much loaded with sugar to be given in sufficient doses to answer the end intended. The red surfeit-water is a tincture of these flowers.

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