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Names. It is called hart's-horn, herba-stella and herba-stellaria, sanguinaria, herb-eve, herb-ivy, wort-cresses, and swine-cresses.

Description. They have many small and weak stragling branches trailing here and there upon the ground: the leaves are many, small and jagged, not much unlike to those of buck's horn plantain, but much smaller, and not so hairy. The flowers grow among the leaves in small, rough, whitish clusters: The seeds are smaller, and brownish, of a bitter taste.

Place. They grow in dry, barren, sandy grounds.

Time. They flower and seed when the rest of the plantains do.

Government and virtues. This is also under the dominion of Saturn; the virtues are held to be the same as buck's horn plaintain, and therefore by all authors it is joined with it: the leaves bruised and applied to the place, stop bleeding: the herbs bruised and applied to warts, will make them consume and waste in a short time.

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