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Names. Otherwise called red fitchling, or medick fetch.

Descript. This hath divers weak but rough stalks, half a yard long, leaning downwards, beset with winged leaves, longer and more pointed than those of lentils, and whitish underneath; from the tops of those stalks arise up other slender stalks, naked without leaves unto the tops, where there grow many small flowers in manner of a spike, of a pale reddish colour, with some blueness among them; after which rise up in their places, round, rough, and somewhat flat heads. The root is tough, and somewhat woody, yet liveth and shooteth afresh every year.

Place. It groweth under hedges, and sometimes in the open fields, in divers places of this land.

Time. They flower all the months of July and August, and the seed ripeneth in the mean while.

Government and virtues. It is under the dominion of Venus. It hath power to ratify and digest, and therefore the green leaves bruised and laid as a plaister, disperse nots, nodes, or kernels, in the flesh; and, if when it is dry it be taken in wine, it helpeth the stranguary; and, being anointed with oil, it provoketh sweat. It is a singular food for cattle, to cause them to give store of milk; and why then may it not do the like being boiled in the ordinary drink of nurses?


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