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These are so well known, growing almost in every garden, that I think I may save the expense of time in writing a description of them.

Time. They flower in May, and abide not for the most part when June is past, perfecting their seed in the mean time.

Government and virtues. It is also an herb of Venus. The leaves of columbines are commonly used in lotions with good success for sore mouths and throats; Tragus saith, that a drachm of the seed taken in wine with a little saffron, openeth obstructions of the liver, and is good for the yellow-jaundice, if the party after the taking thereof be laid to sweat well in his bed; the seed also taken in wine causeth a speedy delivery of women in child-birth: if one draught suffice not, let her drink a second, and it will be effectual. The Spaniards use to eat a piece of the root hereof fasting, many days together, to help them when troubled with the stone in the reins or kidneys.


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