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Names. Called also Dove's-foot.

Description. The root of this crane's bill is small and reddish, growing deep in the earth, but not much branched. The leaves generally lie spread on the ground, in a round form, growing on long reddish hairy stalks; they are small and round, cut into about seven soft and hairy segments. The stalks are slender and jointed, hairy likewise, and beset with smaller and more divided leaves; they are about a span high, having on themseveral small purple five-leaved flowers, growing two together, each of which is followed by a long head that resembles the head and bill of a crane or stork; when ripe, splitting into five seeds.

Place. It grows every where on banks and hedgesides.

Time. It flowers great part of the summer. The leaves are used.

Government and virtues. This crane's-bill or dove's foot, is under Venus; and is reckoned among the number of vulnerary plants, being useful in inward wounds bruises, and haemorrhages, and all fluxes in general. It is mightily commended for the cure of ruptures in children, given in powder. It likewise helps the stone, and provokes urine.


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