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Description. The stalk of this poppy is thick and naked, round, and fleshy. The leaves are but few, and grow irregularly; they are stripped into many deep divided segments, and of a pale green colour. the flower is large and single, growing at the top of the stalk; the usual colour of it is a bright scarlet; but sometimes it is yellow or white. In the middle is a tuft of yellow threads. Cultivation has produced many varieties of this plant.

Place. They are found wild in great abundance in Asia, but in England they are only found in gardens.

Time. It flowers in June.

Government and virtues. The acrid and caustic quality of this poppy declare it to be of Saturn's reign, but still it should not be totally overlooked, as it is of good service to move warts. It is the juice of the plant expressed, that is used by some to make way for the instruments of surgery; and the whole plant bruised has been applied by others to move the head-ach, but care must be taken not to let it come too near the eyes, as it will cause inflammation.

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