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Description. A very pretty plant, small, with two broad leaves, and a large dropping flower: it grows five or six inches high. The stalk is round, slender, weak, and greenish towards the top, and often white at the bottom. The leaves stand a little height above the ground: they are oblong, somewhat broad, and of a beautiful green, not at all dented at the edges, and blunt at the end. They inclose the stalk at the base. The flower is largeand white, butwith a tinge of reddish; it hangs down, is long, hollow, and very elegant. The root is roundish, and has some fibres growing from its bottom; it is full of a slimy pulp.

Place. It grows frequently in gardens, but must not be sought for wild.

Time. It flowers in June, and is in perfection till the fall of the leaf.

Government and virtues. This useful plant is governed by the Moon. The fresh-gathered roots are the best to be used, for they dry very ill, and generally lose their virtues entirely. They are good against the worms in children, and speedily ease the pains of the belly which are produced thereby. The best way of giving it is, in the expressed juice; or if children will not take that, they may be boiled in mild, to which they give very little taste. It should be remembered it is a very powerful remedy, and a small dose will take effect, especially of the juice, so that it is best to begin with very little; and as that is well borne, to increase the quantity.


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