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Description. This varies extremely in size, according to the degree of nourishment it receives; and hence the common writers have described a larger and a smaller kind; but this is only variations from accident, no distinction of species. This and the following are no more than varieties perfectly accidental; but as they are singular in their kind, and have all great virtues, they are represented in the annexed plates. The leaves of this are long, narrow, nd very grassy, of a deep green, broadest in the middle, and sharp at the point. They are conspicuoulsy ribbed. The stalks are numerous, tough, upright, naked, striated, and sometimes ten inches high. The flowers are small, and stand at the top of each in a thick short spike. The seed are oval and brown, but very small.

Place. It takes its name from the place of its growth; but is also found in plenty on the coast of Sussex.

Time. It flowes all the summer.

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