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Description. This is a small plant, with pale leaves, which grow near the bottom; they grow in a thick tuft, without foot-stalks, but are narrowest at the base, and broadest toward the end: and they are notched at the edges. The stalk is round, upright, and divided into many branches. It is of a pale green colour, and about ten inches high. The flowers stand in great numbers on the tops of the branches, and they are small and white.

Place. It is an annual plant, and grows upon commons, but not commonly. It is found about Putney and Barnes Common.

Time. It flowers in May.

Government and virtues. This cress is under the Moon. All these cresses are justly celebrated for their virtues in curing all the diseases of the urinary passage. The expressed juice, or infusion of the whole plant, is the best way of taking it. They are also very wholesome in spring sallads, or with bread and butter.

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