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Description. This plant has long leaves deeply cut or jaggged on the edges, not much unlike those of wild mustard: the stalks are small, slender, and pliant, and have each yellow flowers, which are followed by long slender husks, containing seed of a sharp biting taste: the root is very long and thick, with several small strings or threads.

Place. It delights in stony untilled places, and may be found in several bye-paths and bank sides.

Time. It generally flowers in the months of June and July.

Government and virtues. The seed of this plant taken with honey, ripens and causes the evacuation of tough and clammy phlegm: it is also good against shortness of breath, and is effectual in removing an old cough. If the seed be steeped in clear water, and dried by the fire, it is good for the gripings of the belly, and expels all venom and poison. An ointment of this seed consumes and wastes all hard swellings and imposthumes behind the ears, as also cankers and swellings in the breasts, genitals, &c.


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