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Description. This grows with a round, upright firm stalk, but the top of it usually drops. The leaves are placed irregularly on it, and are oblong and broad at the base: they are dented along the edges, and sharp at the point; their colour is a dusky green at the bottom, but the upper ones grow lighter. The flowers are large, sometimes white and blue, or purple. In the garden where it has found place, the flowers grow learger; and the gardeners not very nice or careful about names, call it striped or double-rocket.

Place. It is a native of our northern counties, Cumberland and Westmoreland.

Time. It flowers in May.

Government and virtues. It is a plant of Mars, yet it is accounted a good wound-herb. Some eat it with bread and butter on account of its taste, which resembles garlic: Its juice, taken a spoonful at a time, is excellent against obstructions of the viscera: it works by urine. In some places it is a constant ingredient in clysters.


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