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Description. This parsley has many winged leaves, which are composed of more and rounder sections than the common parsley, resembling the lower leaves of the great burnet saxifrage, being crenated about the edges; the stalks grow to be a foot and half high, somewhat thick and hairy, divided into several branches, on which grow narrow and more divided leaves. The flowers grow on the tops in round umbels, small and white, of five leaves apiece, and are succeeded by small, dar, brown, somewhat hoary seed, of an aromatic taste. The root is long, thick and white.

Place. It is sown in our gardens, where it will stand several years before it bears flowers and seed. The seed only is used.

Virtues. It is somewhat carminative, and good to expel wind, and help the cholic; it is likewise diuretic, provoking urine and the catamenia. It is an ingredient in the theriaca andromachi.

Hares are fond of parsley: the way to decoy them is to sow a spot of ground on purpose, which will certainly attract them to the place from all around.

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