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Description. The root is composed of several long, thick, white fibres, with tufted ends; they are naked from the top to the bottom, but just at the extremity they have several small short filaments, which spread every way. From this root rise numerous leaves of a singular figure; they are long and narrow, thickest and braodest at the base, and sharp at the point: they are fleshy, firm, of a deep green colour, and armed with slight prickles along the edges. The stalks rise among these, and are naked, round, thick, and of a pale green. The flowers are large and white, with a pretty tuft of yellow threads in the middle.

Place. It swims upon the water, or is sometimes half buried in it; and, though the roots are considerably long, they rarely reach the bottom. It is common in the fen countries, as the Isle of Ely, and elsewhere.

Time. It flowers in July.

Government and virtues. It is a cold watery plant, under the Moon in the celestial sign Pisces. Externally used, it is cooling and repellant. It is reckoned by some as a specific against the king's evil and scrophulous swellings, both given inwardly, and applied outwardly. It is said likewise to provoke urine, and to be useful in hysteric disorders.

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