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Description. The only difference in this plant from the others is, that the leaves are more divided, insomuch that they appear angular. The colour is a light green, and the flowers are smaller, and white like the former.

Place. It is common on the sea-shores, and in many other places, by the sides of little rills, down the sides of mountains, and in gardens.

Time. It blossoms in April and May.

Virtues. This plant is possessed of a considerable degree of acrimony; its effects, as an antiscorbutic, are generally known; and it is a powerful remedy in the moist asthma, and what is called by some authors the scorbutic rheumatism. A distilled water, and a conserve are prepared from the leaves, and kept in the shops, and its juice is frequently prescribed, together with that of Seville oranges, by the name of antiscorbutic juices. The leaves bruised, and laidto the face, or any other part, are recommended to take off spots, freckles, and sun-burns; but those who have delicate complexions, cannot bear the application without injuring them.

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