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Description. This is only a smaller plant, not arising to the same height, and the leaves are narrower, yet they have been described as two distinct species; the one with long and narrow leaves; the other with very large and broad leaves. There are two other smaller kinds, the first called floating water plantain, alisma natans: and starry water plantain, alisma damasonium.

Description. Both have leaves of the same shade, but the flowers are smaller; and of the last the shape is starry, a little resembling the sagittaria, or lesser water star-wort.

Place. They are found in great plenty in watery places, such as the sides of pools, rivers, &c.

Time. They flower in July and August.

Government and virtues. The Moon governs them. The leaves of this plant are cooling and repelling; they are frequently made use of by the country people for fallings down ofthe fundament and the piles. The juice stops spitting of blood, and bloody urine: and applied to women's breasts, dries up the milk very soon.

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