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Names. Called also Conval Lily, Male Lily, and Lily Constancy.

Description. The root is small, and creeps far in the ground, as grass roots do. The leaves are many, against which rises up a stalk half a foot high, with many white flowers, like little bells with turned edges of a strong, though pleasing smell; the berries are red, not much unlike those of Asparagus.

Place. They grow plentifully upon Hampstead-Heath, and many other places in this nation.

Time. They flower in May, and the seed is ripe in September.

Government and virtues. It is under the dominion of Mercury, and therefore it strengthens the brain, recruits a weak memory, and makes it strong again. The distilled water dropped into the eyes, helps inflammations there; as also that infirmity which they call a pin and web. The spirit of the flowers distilled in wine, restores lost speech, helps the palsy, and is excellently good in the apoplexy, comforts the heart and vital spirits. Gerrard saith, that the flowers being close stopped up in a glass, put into an ant-hill, and taken away again a month after, ye shall find a liquor in the glass, which, being outwardly applied, helps the gout.

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