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Description. This shooteth forth in spring time (for in the winter the leaves perish) divers rough hard stalks, half round and yellowish, or flat on the other side, two feet high, having divers branches of winged yellowish green leaves on all sides, set one against another, longer, narrower, and not nicked on the edges as the former. From the top of some of these stalks grow forth a long bush of small and more yellow, green scaly anglets, set in the same manner on the stalks as the leaves are, which are accounted the flowers and seeds. The root is rough, thick, and scabby, with a white pith in the middle, which is called the heart therof.

Place. It groweth on moors, and bogs, and watery places in many parts of this land.

Time. It is green all the summer, and the root only abideth in winter.

Government and virtues. Saturn owns the plant. This hath all the virtues mentioned in the former ferns, and is much more effectual than they, both for inward and outward griefs, and is accounted singular good in wounds, bruises, or the like. The decoction to be drank or boiled into an ointment of oil, as a balsam or balm, and so it is singular good against bruises, and bones broken, or out of joint, and giveth much ease to the cholic and splenetic diseases; as also for ruptures or burstings. The decoction of the root in white wine, provokes urine exceedingly, and cleanseth the bladder and passages of urine.

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