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Description. The root is roundish, tuberous, and furnished with many fibres from the bottom. The leaves rise in thick and regular clusters, and are supported on footstalks of three inches long, and these are inserted in the centre, the leaf spreading every way into roundness from them. These leaves are of a blueish green, prettily notched round the edges, and of a watery taste. The stalk is eight inches, and is round and tolerably firm; toward the top it divides into two or three branches, and on these hang numerous flowers in long spikes, small, greenish, and dented at the rim. The seeds are nuimerous and small.

Place. It frequently grows upon walls in Somersetshire.

Time. It flowers in July.

Government and virtues. It is under Venus, and is good to break the stone and to void it; also the gravel either in the reins or bladder. It helps a suppression of urine and the strangury.

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