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Name. Called also sea-fennel.

Description. This is a much lower plant than the common fennel, having broader, shorter, thicker leaves than that, of a dull green colour; the stalk grows scarce a foot high, having the like leaves on it; and on the top it bears umbels of small yellowish flowers, and after them roundish seed, somewhat like ordinary fennel, but bigger. The root is thick and long, continuing several years. The whole plant has a warm aromatic smell and taste.

Place. It grows upon the rocks by the sea-side, in many places of England, as in Lancashire; Sussex, and Feversham.

Government and virtues. Samphire is a martial plant and is more made use of as a pickles, being a very agreeable one, than for any medicinal occasion. However, it is strengthening to the stomach, procures an appetite, provokes urine, opens obstructions of the bowels, and helps the jaundice.

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