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Description. This has larger leaves than the former species: the upper ones are of a lighter green than the lower ones, which are of a fleshy substance, and full of juice; and their colour is an obscure green. The stalks are numerous, thick, juicy, of a pale green, and ten or twelve inches high. The flowers, like the former, are small and white, and grow at the tops of the branches.

Place. It grows upon the sea-shores, where the bottom is mud.

Time. It flowers in July.

Government and virtues. All the scurvy-grasses are under Jupiter. The English scurvy-grass is more used for the salt taste it bears, which does somewhat open and cleanse; but the Dutch scurvy-grass is of better effect, and chifly used, (if it may be had) by those that have the scurvy; and is of singular good effect to cleanse the blood, liver, and spleen, taking the juice in the spring every morning fasting in a cup of drink. The decoction is good for the same purpose, and opens obstructions, evacuating cold, clammy and phlegmatic humours both from the liver and the spleen, and bringing the body ito a more lively colour. The juice also helps all foul ulcers and sores in the mouth, gargled therewith; and used outwardly, cleanses the skin from spots, marks, or scars that happen therein.

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