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Description. This rose generally grows in lower bushes than either of the former; the flowers have very few prickles on the stalks, and the calyx, or beards, are shorter and smoother; they are less double than either the damask or white, having a great many yellow anthera in the middle.

Virtues. The red rose is more binding and restringent than any of the other species, good against all kinds of fluxes; they strengthen the stomach, prevent vomiting, and stop tickling coughs, by preventing the defluxion of rheum; and are of great service in consumptions: the anthera, or spices, are accounted cordial, though they are but seldom used.

This is well known to all, and deserves all the praise which is given to it in physic. The conserve of the red buds, before the flower quite opens, which are the more restringent, is of excellent use in consumptive cases, especially in spitting of blood. The distilled water, which ought to be mad eof the full blown, is very cooling, and of good use in recent inflammations ofthe eyes, if in it there be dissolved a small quantity of rock saltpetre. Some apply the conserve for that purpose. A strong tincture, drawn from the red roses dried, makes a pleasant julep, and helps the bark in its operations.

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