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Description. This has a long, slender, white root, with a few fibres. The first leaves are numerous and beautifully divided into segments; they have foot stalks, and are of a pale green, and uncommonly hairy. They are doubly pinnated, as it were, each consisting of several pairs of them in a middle rib, and each so doubly jagged, that they appear pinnated again. The stalk is round, rough, hairy, upright, branced, and a foot and half high. The leaves are numerous, and stand irregularly: they are of the same form with the lower ones, but smaller. The flowers are small in comparison of the preceeding kind, otherwise not little in proportion to the plant: they are of a bright red, and consist each of four petals with numerous threads. The seed-vessel is roundish and very rough, being set all over with a kind of bristly hair: the seeds are numerous, small, roundish, and black.

Place. It is most common in corn-fields in many parts of England.

Time. It flowers in July.

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