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Description. The plant that produces the true Saffron has a round bulbous root, about as big as a nutmeg, flatted at bottom, from which spring several white fibres: it is covered outwardly with a yellowish bron skin, but is white in the inside. From this root arise the flowers, enclosed in a thin skin or husk, being naked and without stalks, made up of six long, but roundish-pointed, purple leaves, enclosing in their middle three stamina, of a fiery, yellow, red colour; which being gathered, and carefully dried in a Saffron-kiln, and made into square cakes, is the Saffron of the shops.

Place. Saffron grows in various parts of the world, but is no where better, if so good, as in England. At present it grows plentifully in Cambridgeshire, and in that large tract of ground between Saffron-Walden, and Cambridge.

Time. The Saffron-flowers blow in September; but the leaves come not forth till the spring.

Government and virtues. It is an herb of the Sun, and under the Lion, and therefore you need not demand a reason why it strengthens the heart so exceedingly. Let not above ten grains be given at one time, for the sun, which is the fountain lof light, may dazzle the eyes and make them blind; a cordial being taken in an immoderate quantity, hurts the heart instead of helping it. It quickens the brain, for the Sun is exalted in Aries, as well as he has his house in Leo: it helps consumptions of the lungs, and difficulty of breathing: it is excellent in epidemical diseases, as pestilence, small-pox, and measles. It is a notable explusive medicine, and a good remedy for the yellow-jaundice. My opinion is, (but I have no author for it) that hermodactyls are nothing else but the roots of Saffron dried: and my reason is, that the roots of all crocus, both white and yellow, purge phlegm as hermodactyls do; and if you please to dry the roots of any crocus, neither your eyes nor your taste shall distinguish them from hermodactyls. It is a very elegant and useful aromatic, of a strong penetrating smell, and a warm, pungent, bitterish taste. It is said to be more cordial, and exhilarating than any of the other aromatics, and is particularly serviceable indisorders of the breast in female obstructins, and hysteric depressions. Saffron is endowed with great virtues, for it refreshes the spirits, and is good against fainting-fits, and the palipitation ofthe heart: it strengthens the stomach, helps digestin, cleanses the lungs, and is good in coughs. It is said to open obstructions of the viscera, and is good in hysteric disorders. However, teh use of it ought to be moderate and seasonable; for when the dose is too large, it produces a heaviness of the head, and a sleepiness; som have fallen into an immoderate convulsive laughter, which ended in death. A few grains of thisis commonly a dose, though some have prescribed it from half a scruple to a scruple and a half.

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