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Description. Savine is an evergreen shrubby tree that seldom grows very tall, having the branches set close together, cloathed with narrow, short, somewhat prickly leaves, almost resembling cypress, of a very strong smell: among these, after the tree is old, and has stood lonb in a place, grow small mossy greenish flowers, which are succeeded by small flattish berries, less than those of juniper, of the same blackish blue colour.

Place. Though not known to grow naturally in England, it is planted in gardens, where it seldom produces fruit, and has therefore generally been reputed barren.

Government and virtues. It is under the dominion of Mars, being hot and dry in the third degree, and being of exceeding clean parts, is of a very digesting quality. It is hot and dry, opening and attenuating, and a powerful provoker of the catamenia, causing abortion and expelling the birth; it is very good to destroy worms in children. Mr. Ray comments the juice of it mixed with milk, and sweetened with sugar, as an excellent medicine for that purpose; beaten into a cataplasm with hog's lard, it cures children's scabby heads. It is a most powerful detersive, and has so violent an effect upon the uterine passages if used imprudently, that wicked women have used it to very ill purposes. It is a very fine opener of obstructions of any kind, whence in compositions for the jaundice, dropsy, scurvy, rheumatism, &c. it makes a very useful ingredient. It is also an enemy to worms, and its chymical oil rubbed upon the navel of children, has often a wonderful effect in expelling them. It deserves the high regard of surgeons, as it is a very potent scourer and cleanser of old sordid stinking ulcers, whether used in lotions, fomentations, ointments, or even the powder only mixt with honey.

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