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Description. It has winged leaves, each entire leaf is composed of about six pair of smaller leaves without an odd one at the end; these are of an oblong form, pointed, and of a whitish green colour. The flowers are produced in longish spikes at the tops of the branches, moderately large , of a yellow colour, and striped with red. The root is woody, divided, and spreading.

Place. It is a native of the east. There is a bastard Sena which is kept in many gardens, with us called colutia, which is its Latin name.

Government and virtues. It is under Mercury. The leaves (which are not only used) are hot and dry, of a purging faculty, but afterwards leaves a binding quality. It opens obstructions: corrected with carroway-seed, aniseed, or ginger, a drachm taken in wine, ale, or broth, fasting, comforts and cleanses the stomach, purges melancholy, choler, and phlegm from the head and brain, lungs, heart, liver, and spleen, cleansing those parts of evil humours; strenthens the senses, procures mirth, and is also good in chronic agues, whether quartan or quotidian. It cleanses and purifies the blood, and causes a fresh and lively habit of the body, and is a special ingredient in diet-drinks, and to make purging ale for clarifying and cleansing the blood. The bastard sena works very violently both upwards and downwards, offending the stomach and bowels.

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