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Description. This grows to be a pretty large tree, whose branches are cloathed with winged leaves, somewhat like those of the ash-tree, consisting of seven or nine serrated pinnæ, each leaf terminating in an odd one. It has several clusters of five-leaved white flowers which are followed by fruit of the shape and bigness of a small pear, growing several together on foot-stalks and inch long; they are of a greenish colour, with a mixture of red, as they have been more or less exposed to the sun; of a rough, austere, choaky taste; but when ripe or mellow, sweet and pleasant.

Place. It is found wild in some parts of England, as in Staffordshire and Cornwall.

Time. It flowers in May; but the fruit is not ripe till November. The fruit is used.

Government and virtues. It is under Saturn, and reckoned to be very restringent and useful for all kinds of fluxes; but when ripe, not altogether so binding. This fruit is seldom or never to be met with in our markets; and therefore, for a succedaneum, we use the following.

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