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Description. The root, form a small head, shoots out many fibres. The stalk is pretty upright, of a pale green, round, very much branched, and grows to about three feet high. The leaves are of a faint green, and finely divided at the edges into small segments. The flowers grow in a large head like scabions, and are of a fine blue; but they are sometimes found of a reddish or white colour.

Place. It is a biennial, common on high pastures.

Time. It flowers in August.

Government and virtues. It is under the dominion of Mercury. It is bitter, of a slightly astringent saponaceous quality, and excellent against the disorders of the breast, such as coughs, asthmatic affections, difficulty of breathing, &c. for which purpose an infusion of the leaves is the best preparation. The flowers are said to be of a cordial sudorific nature, and good against feverish complaints; the juice applied externally, is good against foulnesses and discolourings of the skin.

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