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Description. The root for which this plant is mostly cultivated, is composed of numerous, oblong, tuberous pieces, brownish on the outside, white within, and of a pleasant flower. The stalk is striated, firm, branched, and a foot and a half high. The leaves are pinnated, serrated, sharp-pointed, and of a pleasant green. The flowers are white; and, toward the evening, they have a light fragrance. The seeds are small and brown.

Place. It is originally a native of Spain, but are here cultivated in gardens for the root, which is pleasant and wholesome.

Time. It flowers here in June and July.

Government and virtues. Skirret is under Venus. The root is opening, and is diuretic and cleansing; of great use in opening obstructions of the reins and bladder, freeing them from slimy phelgm. It is also of service against the dropsy, by causing great plenty of urine, and helps the jaundice, and other weaknesses of the liver. The young shoots are pleasant and wholesome food, of a cleansing nature, and light digestion, provoking urine, to which they give a fœtid stinking smell.

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