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Name. Called also bastard pellitory.

Description. This has a perennial, long, slender, and fibrous root. The stems are a little angular, upright, wooly, branched, ad two feet high, having long narrow leaves, finely serrated about the edges, growing on them without any order; the flowers grow umbel fashion on the tops of the stalks, consisting of a border of white petals, set about a fistular thrum; they are larger than the flowers of yarrow.

Place. It grows in moist meadows, and in watery places.

Time. It flowers in July.

Government and virtues. It is of a hot biting taste, and therefore it is sometimes put into sallads to correct the coldness of other herbs. The root held in the mouth helps the tooth-ach, by evacuating the rheum, like pellitory of Spain; the powder of the herb snuffed up the nose, causes sneezing, and cleanses the head of tough slimy humours.

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