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Description. This is a pretty little plant, that grows quite upright; the root is small and fibrous, the stem is firm and round, tapering towards the top. The leaves from whence it gets its denomination are shaped like a kidney, and grow at the end of long foot-stalks, which are so weak that the lie upon the ground; they are greener within than without, and have a soft down on each side; the flowers are small and white, and the seed is so light, that the wind scatters it for many miles.

Place. It delights in open airy pastures, and exposed situations. It is mostly found in Westmoreland, Yorkshire, and Wales.

Time. It flowers in June.

Government and virtues. It is a martial plant. It is hot and dry, carminative and expelling wind, and helps the cholic and gripes. It is also alexipharmic, and good against pestilential distempers, being an ingredient in the theriaca and mithridate. It is of use likewise against the stone and stoppage of urine, and good in all uterine disorders.

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