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Description. This small and very useful plant grows with very weak stalks, frequently taking root where they trail upon the ground, and thence send up shoots that thicken the tuft. The leaves grow upon short foot-stalks; they are oval, about an inch long, hairy, and crenated about the edges of a pale green colour. The flowers grow on the upper part of the stalks among the leaves, in short spikes, each of one small blueish purple leaf, cut into four parts: to each of which succeeds a seed-vessel, in shape of that of Shepherd's Pouch, full of very small seeds. The root is a bush of fibres.

Place. It grows in woods and shady places almost every where.

Time. It flowers in June. The whole herb is used.

Government and virtues. Venus governs this plant and it is also reckoned among the vulnerary plants, both used inwardly and outwardly: it is likewise pectoral, and good for coughs ad cosumptions; and is helpful against the stone and strangury, as also against pestilential fevers. An infusion of the leaves, drank constantly in the manner of tea, is greatly recommended as a provocative to venery, and a strengthener; it has been called a cure for barrenness, taken a long time in this manner.

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