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Description. This has numerous thick blueish green leaves without foot-stalks: they are long and narrow, and stand up almost strait. The stalks are round, thick, and green, or sometimes reddish, and spread at the top like the others, but the flowers are small and gren, and have a pretty appearance at the tops of the stalks.

Place. It is frequently observed about Cambridge.

Government and virtues. Spurges are mercurial plants, and abound with a hot and acrid juice, which has made some attribute them to Mars. This juice when applied outwardly, eats away warts and other excrescenses. The bark of the root has at different times been received in the shops as medicines; but they are now altogether disuses. Their operation is by vomit and stool; and they perform both so violently, that it is with great reason they are banished the shops. Some country peopl have ventured to take small doses of the expressed milk or juice; but this is not adviseable, as it is apt to erode and inflame the intestines. If any will venture to give the spurge bark, it should be corrected by steeping in wine or in vinegar, and afterwards dried and powdered, and mace and a few grains of gum tragacanth mixed with it.

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