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Description. This sort grows with a thick reddish stak, beset with long and narrow blueish green leaves and so continues, without running into branches, till the next year, when it rises to three or four feet high, with many branches toward the top; on which, at every division grow broader and somewhat triangular leaves, set on without footstalks: the flowers are small and yellow, standing in round hollow leaves, which encompass the stalk like a cup, and these are followed by three-square seed-vessels, containing three oblong seeds. The whole plant is so full of milk, that if you cut off a branch, it will run out by drops in some quantity, which milk is of a hot fiery burning taste, inflaming the mouth and throat for a great while.

Place. This spurge grows in gardens, where it springs up of its own sowing, dying after it has brought its seed to perfection.

Government and virtues. This is much of the nature of the foregoing plant, but is rather stronger and more violent in its operation, and therefore only given by bold adventurous empirics. The milk is good to take away warts.

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