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Description. This is a low shrubby tree, with many flexible branches, seldom growing above four or five feet high, shooting out clusters of flowers, all round the upper parts of the branches, early in the spring, before the leaves appear: they are of a pale purple, or peach-colour, of a single tubulous leaf, cut into four segments at the end, of a pleasant, sweet smell; and are succeeded by small, longish round berries , of a red colour. The leaves grow thick together on the tops of the twigs, about two inches long, and scarce half so braod at the end, where they are broadest. The root is full of branches, and runs deep in the earth.

Place. It is planted here in gardens, but grows wild about Geneva, and the mountainous parts of Germany.

Time. It flowers in February and March. The root, bark, leaves, and berries are used.

Government and virtues. All the species of spurge are under the government of Mercury, and agree in their qualities. They purge serous and choleric humours very violently, and help the dropsy and inveterate asthma: but, as I said before of the other spurge, we having milder, gentler, and yet as prevalent medicines, these are very rarely used.

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