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Description. This species of spurge has a very large thick root, many times as big as a man's arm, spread out into many branches, and sending up many tough stalks, two or three feet high, reddish and much divided, having smooth, long, narrowish green leaves, broadest at the end. The flowes which grow on the tops of the stalks are small and yellow, like other spurges, which are followed by triangular seed-vessels containing three roundish seed. The whole plant is full of caustic milk, burning and inflaming the mouth and jaws for a great while together.

Place. It grows in several parts.

Time. It flowers in June. The root is used, and of that the bark only.

Virtues. It is a strong cathartic, working violently by vomit and stool, but is very offensive to the stomach and bowels by reason of its sharp corrosive quality, and therefore ought to be used with caution.

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