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Description. The stalks of this are numerous and firm tehy are thick, upright, and round, and have a reddish bark, and under that a green one; they grow a yard high, and not branched, except where they spread at the top for flowering. The leaves are large and numerous; they are long, narrow, and soft to the touch: their colour is a deep greyish green, and they are hairy at the upper side, but more so underneath, and their middle rib is red toward the base. The flowers are greenish, small, and very numerous; they stand at the top of the stalks on small divided branches which spread in a kind of umbel, and which have at their insertions and divisions, shorter leaves than those on the stalks. The figure and disposition of the petals of the flower, form numerous crescents; insomuch that the whole top in flower has a beautiful appearance. The whole plant is full of a caustic milky juice.

Place. This is frequent in woods and on heaths.

Time. It flowers in June.

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