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Description. Of all the various kinds of this plant which abound in the warm parts of Europe and America, many species of which are in the gardens here, this is the only one that grows spontaneously in the fields. it is a perennial; native of our damp grounds near the sea, and great rivers; a handsome plant of a yard high, with a branched ruddy stalk. The leaves are narrow, smooth, and of a very fine green. The flowers are numerous, large, and blue.

Time. They blow in August.

Government and virtues. This is also under the dominion of Mercury. The leaves are accounted cooling, and good for burns, scalds, and inflammations, in any part. The seed is narcotic and soporiferous, and rarely used. A slight tincture or infusion of the plant promotes perspiration, and is good in feverish complaints. The juice boiled into a syrup with honey, is excellent in asthmatic complaints, and other disorders of the lungs; and outwardly applied is a cure for the itch, and other cutaneous disorders. A strong decoction given as a glyster, with the addition of a little oil, eases those cholicky pains which arise from the stone and gravel; on infusion of the leaves drank constantly in the manner of tea, is a strengthener, and provocative to venery, and is supposed to be a cure for barreness.

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