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Description. The root is large, long divided, and woody. The stem is shrubby, thick, and covered with a rough brown bark; it is divided into several branches, the bark of which is of a lighter colour, and set with thorns. The leaves are winged; they grow in pairs, are notched around the edges, attached to the middle rib, and terminated by an odd one; their colour is a dark green. The flowers are produced in spikes at the extremities; these spikes are long, thick, and woolly, and the flowers are small and purple.

Place. It is a native of the warmer climates, but we have it in our gardens.

Time. It flowers in the summer months.

Government and virtues. The seeds dried, reduced to powder, and taken in small doses, stop purges and hæmorrhages; the young shoots have also great efficacy in strengthening the stomach and bowels; they are best given in a strong infusion. The bark of the roots has the sam virtues, but in an inferior degree.

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