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Description. It has divers small, round, hollow leaves, somewhat greenish, but full of certain red hairs, which make them seem red, every one standing upon his own foot-stalk, reddish, and hairy likewise. The leaves are continually moist in the hottest day, yes, the hotter the sun shines on them the moister they are, with a sliminess that will rope, (as we say) the small hair always holding this moisture. Among these leaves rise up slender stalks, reddish also, three or four fingers high, bearing divers small whitish knobs one above another, which are flowers; after which in the heads are contained small seeds. The root is a few small hairs.

Place. It grows usually in bogs and wet places, and sometimes in moist woods.

Time. It flowers in June, and then the leaves are fittest to be gathered.

Government and virtues. The Sun rules it, and it is under the sign Cancer. Some authors gravely tell us that a water distilled from this plant is highly cordial and restorative; but it is more than probable that it never deserved the character given of it in that respect. The leaves, bruised and applied to the skin, erode it, and bring on such inflammations as are not easily removed. The ladies in some parts mix the juice with milk, as as to make an innocent and safe application for the removal of freckles, sun-burn, and other discolourings of the skin. The juice, unmixed, will destroy warts and corns, if a little of it be frequently put upon them. These are effects which pronounce its internal use to be dangerous; and if it is not productive of bad consequences, when distilled whith other ingredients, for cordial waters, &c, it is because its pernicious qualities are not of a nature to rise in distillation.

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