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Description. This groweth very like the great hemlock, having large spread leaves cut into divers parts, but of a fresher green colour than the hemlock, tasting as sweet as the anniseed. The stalks rise up a yard high, or better, being cressed or hollow, having leaves at the joints, but lesser; and at the tops of the branched stalks, umbels or tufts of white flowers; after which come long crested black shining seed, pointed at both ends, tasting quick, yet sweet and pleasant. The root is great and white, growing deep in the ground, and spreading sundry long branches therein, in taste and smell stronger than the leaves or seeds, and continuing many years.

Place. This groweth in gardens.

Government and virtues. These are all three of them of the nature of jupiter, and under his dominion. This whole plant, besides its pleasantness in sallads, hath its physical virtue. The root boiled and eaten with oil and vinegar, (or without oil) do much please and warm old and cold stomachs oppressed with wind or phlegm, or those that have the phthisic or consumption of the lungs. The same drank with wine is a preservation from the plague. It provoketh women's courses, and expelleth the after-birth, procureth an appetite to meat, and expelleth wind. The juice is good to heal the ulcers of the head and face; the candied roots hereof are held as effectual as angelica, to preserve from infection in the time of a plague, and to warm and comfort a cold weak stomach. It is so harmless, you cannot use it amiss.


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