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Description. There are two sorts of this tree, the one bearing fruit out of the body and greater arms of the tree only, the other upon stalks without leaves. The first grows larger than a mulberry tree, with round long leaves, pointed at the ends, and dented about the edges: it bears fruit, but no flower, differing in that from all other trees. The whole tree abounds with milk. The root is solid and black, and will abide fresh long after is is felled. The other, which is called the Sycamore of Cyprus, grows as big as a plum tree with broad and somewhat round leaves.

Place. The first grows chiefly in Egypt, Syria, and Arabia, and other places adjacent, the other in Cyprus, Caris, Rhodes, &c.

Government and virtues. They are under the particular influence of Venus. The fruit makes the belly soluble, but by its overmuch moisture troubles the stomach, and gives little nourishment. The milk taken from the tree, by gently piercing the bark, and afterwards dried and made into troches, and kept in an earthen pot, softens and dissolves tumours, and solders and closes together the lips of green wounds. The ruit, being applied as a plaster, has the same effect. Those trees vulgarly called Sycamores in England, are Maples.

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