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Description. The Wild Teasel grows as large and high, or rather higher than the manured, with such a stiff-crested and prickly stalk, especially in the upper part: the stalk is generally single, divided into several branches: the lower leaves are long, narrow, and prickly underneath. The leaves, which grow on the stalks, are joined together, encompassing the stalk, and catching the rain; but it more particularly differs in the heads, which have their prickles growing erect, and not crooked or hooked like the former; and each head having at the bottom several prickly stiff radii growing in a circle about it; the flowers grow in particular cells like the former, and are succeeded by the like seed. The root is thick, and full of fibres.

Place. It grows upon banks in the borders of fields.

Time. It flowers in June and July.

Government and virtues. The virtues of both these Teasels are much the same: the roots, which are the only part used, being reckoned to have a cleansing faculty; the ancients commend a decoction of them in wine, boiled to a consistence, and kept in a brazen vessel, to be applied to the rhagades, or clefts of the fundament, and for a fistula therein; and to take away warts. The water found standing in the hollow of the leaves is commended as a collyrium to cool inflammations of the eyes and as a cosmetic to render the face fair. They are under the dominion of Venus.

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